Motionist training (Recreational)

Read about the club's recreational (motionist) training



GSB Motionist (Recreational) badminton for adults (17+)

Experience the joy of badminton.

Are you interested in exercising and breaking a sweat with others?

The training is suitable for both beginners and adults who have previously played badminton.

Under the guidance of an experienced coach, you will not only improve your badminton skills

but also enjoy good exercise and social moments during the training.


What do we offer?

In Gladsaxe-Søborg Badminton Club, there are various offers for recreational players
and beginner badminton for adults - with a coach.

Among other things, we offer recreational training divided by level on
Mondays 6:30 PM-8:00 PM and 8:00 PM-9:30 PM, Wednesdays 7:30 PM-9:00 PM,
and Sundays for beginners/new members 12:30 PM-2:00 PM.

All new players will start on Sundays, and then gradually move to the offer that best fits their level. We train following the principles of "Voksenfjer”

There is no obligation to attend every time - you are welcome whenever it suits you.

Training typically consists of joint warm-up, technical training, and then lots of fun badminton play in matches (singles and doubles).


Want to join?

Price: 2100 kroner per year for a weekly training session (1½ hours duration). Paid in 3 installments of 700,-

There is a discount for active students, check with the coach during your trial lessons.

A registration/administration fee of 225 kr. is charged upon joining - Click here

If you are interested in a trial/tryout training session or want more information, you can contact the team leader - Philip Stack.

Visit our page to sign up for the team - Click here


Who is the coach?

Meet our skilled coach, Phillip Stack.

"I take immense joy in introducing people to the sport of badminton and assisting those who are more experienced. I shout loudly in the hall, keeping the recreational players motivated,
and we break a sweat together.

No questions are silly, and my goal is for everyone to improve a little every time we train. 
If you're unsure whether badminton at the recreational level is right for you,
come by for a trial session!"


Philip has been a coach at GSB since 2023, completing Coaching Course 1 and also participating as a recreational player himself.






Meet our skilled coach Steen Kiørboe

"I find it beneficial both to train others and to play myself. So when I was asked to coach the three senior teams - 2 on Mondays and 1 on Wednesdays - after my knee surgery in August '22, I didn't hesitate.

It allowed me to utilize my coaching qualification and draw from my experience in sports from my master's degree in science. Alongside the social interaction with the players, it's a pleasure to be part of Gladsaxe Badminton Klub."
















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